The School of Imagination!!
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Kandra Placencio
"I have received so much revelation, and so much freedom, from all of the religious lies I was believing that I didn't even know that was there...."  "So much freedom from this course!"
What you will learn..
  •  How to use the Creative Power of your Imagination
  •  How Prosperity is Connected to your Imagination
  •  How to have the things you Desire
  •  Strategy to design the Future you Dreams
  •  And many many more powerful revelations!!
    • How to use the creative power of your Imagination
    • How prosperity is connected to your Imagination
    • How to have the things you Desire
    • Strategy to design the Future of your Dream
    • And Many Many more powerful truths...
    How long will I have access to the course?
    You will have access to this course for as long as the course exists. Just save the login page that you receive in your email after purchase. You will be able to use your unique username and password as long as this course exists!

    Can I go through the course at any time?
    YES! This is a prerecorded video course. You may enter the member area whenever you like. Even after you complete the course you can come back if you like for review!

    How many lessons are there?
    There are 13 video lessons in The School of Imagination. BUT I did just recently throw in a BONUS of around 80 Kingdom Teachings from last year on MP3 for download!

    Does the school work on mobile devices?
    Yes the school will work on mobile but I highly recommend you use a desktop if possible for the full effect. To use mobile you will have to push the lesson and then scroll down to the video player each time, as the video refreshes within the player.

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